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How to order on your wholesale account

  • Option #1: one time order

  • Option #2: Loyalty Rewards Program aka doTERRA's optional monthly subscription aka amazing rebate program

Now before you get your panties in a bunch comparing this monthly subscription to other not so pleasant brands where you end up with hundreds of shampoo bottles you'll never use & can't cancel....

Let me explain why it's THE BEST & SMARTEST way to get natural & fair-trade homecare products (skincare, haircare, cleaning, etc.)


  • When you go to the store, do you try and get the more natural & fair trade version of common products (skincare (lotions, face, body butter, body wash, etc.) cleaning, hair care, etc.)?  

    • I recommend downloading the “Think Dirty” phone app to check out how toxic/clean products are. You’ll be shocked! doTERRA’s are the bomb & legitimately clean

  • PRO TIP: Use this saving money brainstorm doc to see how you can save money with your wholesale account.

  • So let me explain the best/smartest way to order these natural products: doTERRA’s wellness box subscription (aka Loyalty Rewards Program). You get a super generous rebate in product credit. 

    • It’s like frequent flyer miles/costco/rei rebate, but you get 10-30% back instead of the usual 2% 

    • Saves time & money from going to the store

    • Smartest way to stay consistent with a wellness protocol

    • You’ll be supporting your health & a TRUE beyond fair trade & eco-friendly company.

    • Great way to try new products

  • The deets:

    • Free to setup & cancel at any time

    • Customize your order each month

    • 1-49pv = keep your points (but don't gain any back besides the shipping cost = $4)

    • 50 or more = earn 10-30% back in reward points

      • You start at 10% back (ex: 100PV order = $10 back in product credit)

      • Every 3 months of ordering 50PV or more, you jump up 5% back. ​

      • Sooo after ordering for a full year, you'll be at 30% back! (Ex: 100PV order = $30 back in product credit)

    • 125PV or more on or before 15th of month = Get the FREE oil of the month

  • Wondering what to try first?

    • Lifelong Vitality supplements (the most amazing vitamins for better energy, anti-aging, shiny hair and helps lower inflammation in the body)

    • A citrus essential oil like Wild Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, Lime or Slim & Sassy. All these oils keep you detoxed and feeling good!

    • On Guard Toothpaste: a toxin-free essential oil infused toothpaste

    • OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate: toxin-free, essential oil infused cleaner concentrate. Makes over 12 all purpose sprays for under $1 each!

    • Skin Care: If you’re in to toxin free skin care, doTERRA has a pretty amazing line called Verage. 

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