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doTERRA Wholesale Account Resources

Download your #1 resource to all things doTERRA, getting started, & wellness:

Download doTERRA's free Live Guide:

This is the guide we will go over during our wellness consult!

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Wellness Consult:

New to doTERRA or just need a refresher? We will go over your health goals & create a 90 day wellness plan customized to you!

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How to Order on your wholesale account:


Aliya's Wellness Event Calendar

  • 4 free wellness classes/workshops per month hosted by Aliya.

See my playlist with all my favorite videos for doTERRA customers here

(how to make a spray/roller bottle, setting up your diffuser, wellness stations, how to order, etc)

Subscribe to Aliya's Youtube

Aliya's Free Guides

  • Free downloads on a variety of different wellness topics

Video Tutorials:
Set up your wellness stations
to make using your oils easier:
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